HOW TO guides

To help get you started in making your home more energy efficient and have lower energy bills, we have produced the following HOW TO guides. These are aimed at providing a very quick introduction and overview of options. They do not provide the depth of detail required to guide actual installation. To get this information you are advised to speak with qualified installers and tradesmen, Energy Saving Trust (0800 512 012), qualified DIY store staff as well as following installation instructions from the manufacturers.

  • Myths and frequently asked questions about energy efficiency.
  • Floor Insulation – with over 10% of the heat in our homes escaping through poorly floors (and prior to 1991 floor insulation is unlikely to have been fitted) find out more about the approaches to insulate floors.
  • Insulating a non standard roof – information on different loft/roof insulation options.
  • Insulating Your Home – some tips on how you can give your home an insulation MOT, helping to reduce escaping heat.
  • Loft insulation for floored lofts – how to fit insulation if you have floored your loft for  use and storage
  • Low Carbon Heating – provides a brief introduction to the different wood fuel systems that are increasingly being installed as alternative to electric, LPG or oil heating systems.
  • Radiator reflective sheeting – if your radiators are on an external wall, heat from them will be escaping out your property, even if you have wall insulation. Find out about a simple way to reduce the amount of heat escaping.
  • Replace your old boiler – if your heating system uses a boiler that is 10-15 years old, it will be very inefficient and you are losing money using a boiler of this age. This guide provides some information to consider when installing a new boiler.
  • Solid Wall Insulation (DIY) – some of the products and approaches you can undertake yourself that can be adopted to make traditional solid walled buildings better at retaining heat.
  • Solid Wall Insulation (Contractor) – considerations if getting a contractor to install solid wall insulation.


Thanks to the Banchory Energy Reduction Initiative (B.E.R.I.) who have provided factsheets to help inform these guides.

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