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Following the First Minister’s announcement that mainland Scotland will enter a second lockdown until at least 1st February 2021, the KCC Management Team of Aird Community Trust are, regrettably closing the Kirkhill Community Centre for the duration. This includes the main hall, Williamson Room and MUGA.

All existing bookings for January are therefore cancelled, the Booking Secretary (Liz Robertson) will make the appropriate arrangements with the Users.

The online booking system is still operational and any booking requests (2nd February 2020 onwards) will be considered in the usual way, however these may be subject to cancellation dependent on future Scottish Government regulations/guidance.


Bookings must be made through the Hallmaster online booking system. The calendar below shows bookings for the Foyer, Main Hall, Williamson Room and the MUGA.

To make a booking, click “LOGIN” as an existing customer.

For new customers, choose your date and click the “+” and follow the instructions on the screen. You will be sent an email confirmation of your booking and it will be shown on the calendar.

For support using the booking service refer to the Hallmaster Customer User Guide

If you have any questions about a booking or need any help email or Liz Robertson on 07779 670883 (text only).

Hire Rates from 1 April 2020

Club and Fundraising events*CostUnit
Whole Community Centre£15per hour
Main Hall£11per hour
Williamson Room£8per hour
MUGA (outdoor court) (no floodlights) £7per hour
MUGA (outdoor court) (with floodlights)£12per hour
Commercial, private events and parties**CostUnit
Whole Community Centre£27per hour
Main Hall£17per hour
Williamson Room£12per hour
MUGA (outdoor court) (no floodlights)£15per hour
MUGA (outdoor court) (with floodlights)£20per hour
Weddings (Friday evening to Sunday morning) £500flat fee
Evening party (18:00 to 00:00). Deposit £200£100flat fee

*Clubs includes all organised groups and clubs run for the benefit of the members. Fundraising events include: any events organised by registered charities; events organised by groups that are not charities but whose fundraising benefits the local Aird area.

**Includes sessions organised by private instructors for personal gain such yoga, dance, Pilates, music and circuits.

Booking Terms and Conditions

The Booking Terms & Conditions and the Hall User Guide are available for download by following the link:

User document and terms and conditions

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